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        "Sere yo Maestro"


This is the first street show by Marcel, acrobat, juggler, balancer and clown. An artist with strong communication skills and remarkable eclecticism who, with his sympathy, manages to bring a bit of hope in the squares and streets of this world we live in, that is full of suffering and injustice.


In a square, some cars, people, bicycles, animals and children (...) create the rhythm that makes it alive. Here, this balance is broken by an artist who turns on an amplifier to create his stage of action, and then everything takes shape. Suddenly, people walking around turn into an audience and Marcel Eso – a young Colombian artist – finds himself thrown from the most famous stages in the world to the centre of a square, looking for an answers: "Will I be the Master?”.

Everything changes for him and also for all those people who are in that square

.Juggling, acrobatics and balancing are the winning weapons of the Master, and they will make the square shine and turn it into a real set.


Technical requirements

square space: flat surface of 6 m x 6 m with a minimum height of 5,5 m. We are completely self-sufficient concerning PA system and lights.

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