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"Alla ricerca della vera famiglia"


Maki's a multifaceted artist who finds herself on the street with a mission: finding her real family. Through vicissitudes and acrobatics and with the help of volunteers among the audience, she will try to extricate herself from situations of failure to finally be able to fly away to all her lovedones.

A fusion between dance and acrobatics, where handstands and contortions combine with a search for the movement of the body through space. Using a plastic bin, this clownish character will be found several times stuck in an object of daily life, but with various acrobatics she will always manage to get out of it.

Because of her suppleness, the legs bend and twist and, without even realizing it, she will be sucked into the bin, with her head up and upside down. With the acrobatics, life smiles at her and even a garbage can turn into a partner on and in which to make handstands. A game of joints where flexibility is the master. Our clown will find herself in failure situations from which she will only come out thanks to her flexibility and the help of the audience.


Technical requirements

square space:flat surface of 6 m x 6 m with a minimum height of 4,5 m. We are completely self-sufficient concerning PA system and lights.

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