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CIRCO PAROLA - Pantakin da Venezia

Alice and Marcel collaborate from 2011 to 2012 with the Pantakin company from Venice in a new production of Circus-Theater.

Per voce, attrezzi e tendini.

Directed by: Emanuele Pasqualini

Text: Tiziano Scarpa

Choreographic movements: Silvia Gribaudi and Gaetano Ruocco Guadagno

A trio of circus actors tired of being covered in gold. A country always ready to enhance its talents. An intertwining of physical sentences and verbal acrobatics.

The new challenge of Pantakin Circo Teatro and Tiziano Scarpa, Venetian writer Premio Strega 2009.

A show in which the circus numbers are not only those of the tools and bodies but also those of the words.


The Duo più o meno, in the winter of 2011 they decided to embark on a new adventure under the circus tent of the Bellucci family, a traditional circus.

Here they will be part of the show "Pirates of the Caribbean" with their numbers of Chinese pole and air circle.


CARMEN. La stella del circo Siviglia

Alice and Marcel in February 2018 make their debut at the Teatro Sociale in Como with the opera show "Carmen".

AsLiCo production in co-production with Bregenzer Festspiele

XXII EDITION of Opera Domani.

The project that brings the opera into the classroom and family and invites everyone to the theater to create tomorrow's audience.

Director: Azzurra Steri

Directed by: Andrea Bernard

Choreography: Marta Negrini

Scenes: Andrea Bernard, Alberto Beltrame

Costumes: Elena Beccaro

A work like Carmen offers the opportunity to treat, through art, a sensitive theme such as violence against women and its consequences, readapting it in a circus world for an audience of children and young people in training.

150 replicas in Italy and many others in Austria and France.

MEDEA IN CORINTO -Donizetti Opera 2021

"Young people do not feel pain," says Hecuba in Euripides' Medea. But no: they do feel it. This is the starting point for the highly original

direction by: Francesco Micheli

for Medea in Corinth, a masterpiece by Giovanni Simone Mayr.

Tour 2023

  • Milano clown Festival (MI) "Spettacolo Una Coppia Scoppiata"

  • Straben kunst fest (Germany) "Spettacolo Una Coppia Scoppiata" 

  • Cirkul'art festival (Slovakia) “Spettacolo Una Coppia Scoppiata”

  • Cirkulum (Czech republic) "Spettacolo Una Coppia Scoppiata"

  • Non solo pezzi di legno (Pn) "Spettacolo Una Coppia Scoppiata"

  • Bamberg Zaubert (Germany) "Spettacolo Una Coppia Scoppiata"

  • Apriti Borgo (LI) "Spettacolo Una Coppia Scoppiata"

  • Senza Fili-Pinocchio street festival (PT) "Spettacolo Una Coppia Scoppiata"

  • cecina borgo d'incanto (BS) "Spettacolo Una Coppia Scoppiata"

  • Oltre la Rocca-L'arte di strada (PT) "Spettacolo Una Coppia Scoppiata" 

Festivals participation

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