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Alice and Marcel met by chance in 2011 during the creation of the show "Circoparola" of the Pantakin company from Venice.

From this moment their streets come together and begin through their circus show and street theater "una coppia scoppiata", to bring their art to various squares in Italy.

Two totally different worlds, separated by an entire ocean, which find in the circus arts the way to unite and express their own cultural roots.

With their shows they guide the public within a journey characterized by various musical rhythms, where cheerfulness and light-heartedness are the masters.

Alice Macchi (Italy)

Multifaceted artist whose training includes: dance, acrobatics, aerial disciplines (circle), balancing. After years of Rhythmic Gymnastics and dance, while attending university, under the faculty of Education Sciences -DAMS- in Turin, she approaches the world of circus and falls in love with it.

In 2007 she graduated as a contemporary circus artist at the "Cirko Vertigo" school in Turin.

In the same city she attended the professional classical and modern dance course at the Teatro Nuovo.

During her training she developed a great interest as regards the fusion between the world of the clown and that of the dance movement, and with her thesis she met the company Tardito - Rendin.

from this moment she participated in various dance and clown workshops (Pierre Byland, Philip Radice, André Casaca, Jean Méningue…)

As for dance, she mixes various genres participating in internships with Gerardo Mele, Doriana Crema, Silvia Gribaudi, Giorgio Rossi, Atsushi Takenouchi ...

Marcel Zuluaga Gomez (Colombia)

Acrobat at the Chinese pole, juggler, acrobat ...

Marcel was born and grew in Colombia where at the age of Thirteen, as a self-taught, he began his great passion: juggling.

He arrived in Italy at the age of Eighteen as a street artist, before leaving Colombia he studied Art Commedy at the “Pequeño Teatro de Medellín”.

In 2008 he cames into contact with the "Cirko Vertigo" school in Turin, where he deepened his circus skills by mixing them with dance and theater. He studied with choreographers such as Michela Pozzo, Silvia Gribaudi, Henry Lou ...

In 2010 he graduated as a contemporary circus artist and from this moment he began to collaborate with various circus, theaters and street art realities.

He will even perform on Fabrizio Frizzi's stage in the Rai Uno talent show "La Botola".

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